Christina Jenner is the protagonist of ACT IV and The Epilogue. Her codename is Lone Wolf.

Readers following in her steps will experience a brave new world free of borders and ideologies, under complete corporate control. War, deemed too expensive to be carried out on land, evolves into a well balanced virtual simulation, used as a means to conduct business. The Electrosphere, the succesor of the Internet, stands out as the battlefield for this war economy.

However, when a new nation rises in Central Africa under the leadership of an enigmatic man, calling himself "The Wizzard", Wolf is sent into the region to locate and kill the terrorist. This mission is her first assignment into the real world.


Early years

Nemo Insurgency


Christina, having learned now more of her past, decided to retire from SECTOR. With the Electrosphere down and the global economy in shambles, Christina decided to step down from fighting and find a reason to live, fulfilling Dimone's last desire and dieing wish.

It is rumoured that Christina travelled to the Mediterranean Sea to locate her missing mother.



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